Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naming u?...

As u become my new addiction...n i'm getting more n more love to share most of the things of my life with u...or in other word...u r my new CLOSEST N BEST FRIEND!! now... hahha..feel proud huh?!,
i'm thinking of giving u a name...
i have some name for u..perhaps mimi..kiki, didi?..chichi?..dido?..comel?..elegent? blacky?sweety,rosey?lily?daisy?orchid?hibiscus?biskut?cikedies?twiesties?ana?mila?donna?mary?.hahha....susah gak nak pilih name ek actually...
but u make it easier..cz u can't protest...not even speak to comment about your name!
hahhaha...that the best part of having u..n u never get angry right?... anything is fine with u

i wanna share with u anything..everything..n make sure u dont miss a thing..
becoz u n i always share the secret....shhhhhhhh....i trust u..100%!!!
so? which one u like? chichi?

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