Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear mimi...

miss to write to u.. to change ur name...ermm..may be this one lebih sesuai kot
nothing interesting to tell u...just feel quite busy this past few usual...its all about n is my life..n my life is school?

finish the minit mesyuart, update panel board, searching for suitable articles,organise chem week, daily classes, thinking bout my egoistic hsmate, 'GNtable' (unwanted comment frm her sometimes..seriously), n the 'Chipmunks' geng that never give up of finding my weaknesses!!!

Its enough to give colours of my life...colour tht i luv n dont! least..rather thn plain white or black..eermmm...Thts life anyway..whether u like it or not...sometimes we just go with the flow

i'm just thinking to be just me, truth of me..finding real me..honest me...n felt tht u're helping me as u is me..n me is u?..only we can help ourself..rite?yeah!.."Allah xmengubah nasib sesuatu kaum kecuali mereka sindiri yg mengubahnya"


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