Sunday, January 25, 2009

nazul's wedding

i called them nazul..nani n zul..doesn't matter kot..nani is warda's i'm invited as i'm her sister's fren. As my house at u.y n warda's at kepong..they asked me to sleep at nani's house at SD.I'm look at her house..really successful woman her age.fully furnished tu...just wht i've dreamed 4 myself..not granted yet..huhuhu
k la..actually i wanna upload some pictures from their wedding here..sweet pink

the wedding hall b4 all the guest arrive

the pink pelamin ..sweet kan

flower girl at changing room

some of bride's frens yg rajin menolong...

the arrival of pengantin...xleh ambik pic dekat sbb dah kena standby atas stage sblm pengantin ni view from stage

try tgk muka seniri lepas penat control ayu atas stage..xpenah2 jadi gadis pentas ni

ni la bunga yg kitorg kena bagi kat org2 yg merenjis pengantin

band dr ADK..

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  1. Peek-a-boo! I found u. mana mau sorok??

    Thank u for being there! my sister and BIL and family semua sangat berterima kasih ;)

    p/s: boleh tak disable word verification??? sangat malas la nak type :)